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The boys are crazy on the fourth episode of Dirty Habits​ webseries! Fun wakeboard sessions, partys and much more. Watch and enjoy Episode 4!

Riders: Nick Jacobsen​, Liam Whaley, Dylan James Mitchell​, Craig Eygenberger​, Jason Colborne​, Candice Bacon​, Sean Bacon, ​Carl Ferreira, ​Joshua Emanuel​, Jason Baker​, Darryl Partington​, Graham Howes​.

Video: Jop Heemskerk​
Photo: Brendan Pieterse​

Check out a few clips from the 2nd Annual Dirty Habits Halloween Jam! Enjoy.

Oswald Smith​
Luke McGillewie​
Joshua Emanuel​
Jason Vd Spuy​
Ross Dillon​
Jason Colborne​
Jason Baker​
Carl Ferreira​
Alessandro D’Ambrosio​
Kyle Bell​
And the Rest..

Video: Stan de Wit​ & Sem Lingerak​

“What’s in a Name?” is the new Airush movie filmed in Cape Town, Mauritius and Brazil. Watch team riders: Alex Pastor, Anthar Racca, Bruna Kajiya, Carl Ferreira, Julien Kerneur, Oswald Smith and Reider Decker, pushing the limits of performance!

Bas Koole & Ydwer van der Heide

Bas Koole & Ydwer van der Heide

Airush Kiteboarding

TheBank &

Bas Koole

Ydwer van der Heide


Ydwer van der Heide & Clinton Filen


Watch Carl Ferreira testing new boards north of Cape Town, South Africa.

Episode 3 is out! Guy Fawkes firework night kiting and sketchy winch sessions. All in a day with the Dirty Habits Crew! Take a break and watch the crew in action.

Featuring: Graham Howes​, Nick Jacobsen​, Keahi de Aboitiz​, James Boulding​, Oswald Smith, Ian Curry-lindahl, Luke McGillewie​, Craig Eygenberger​, Jason Colborne​, Jason Baker​, Sean Bacon​, Joshua Emanuel​, Carl Ferreira​, Candice Bacon​.

Film/edit: Jop Heemskerk​
Extra: Showmeyourmouth​ / James Boulding​ / Cabrinha

Graham Howes joins Oswald Smith and Carl Ferreira to a secret kite spot in the Western Cape, South Africa. Check out the second episode of Dirty Habits​ new webseries. Don’t miss it!

Video/Edit: Jop Heemskerk

Dirty Habits​ launches the first episode of their new webseries filmed in South Africa. It pictures the 1st annual Halloween Kite Jam, Downwinder in Cape Town. Watch the Dirty Habits Crew having a crazy day!

Featuring: Graham Howes​, Nick Jacobsen, ​Keahi de Aboitiz​, James Boulding​, Oswald Smith​, Carl Ferreira​, Luke McGillewie​, Craig Eygenberger​, Kyle Bell​, Jason Baker​, Jason Colborne​, Joshua Emanuel​, Darryl Partington​.

Film/Edit: Dirty Habits Productions/ Jop Heemskerk​
Song: PHFAT​ ft Jung freud: If you can’t dance

Dirty Habits launches a new Web Series filmed in Cape Town with the Dirty Habits Crew. Episode 1 will be live on the 1st of December! Watch the trailer and stay tuned for loads of fun and action.

Featuring Graham Howes, Nick Jacobsen, Keahi de Aboitiz, James Boulding, Oswald Smith, Luke McGillewie, Caleb Tennant, Vincent Algernon Conlon, Carl Ferreira, Jason Baker, Jason Colborne, Craig Eygenberger, Ian Curry-lindahl, Candice Bacon and more!

Production by: Dirty Habits Media / Jop Heemskerk
Additional Filming/Drone: Craig Howes, Luke McGillewie
Photo: Jason Children Photography

Here is the new 2017 Union, a versatile kite for freestyle, wave riding and freeride. Watch Oswald Smith, Julien Kerneur, Carl Ferreira and Reider Decker playing with the new model!

Watch the 2017 Airush Union Trailer featuring Oswald Smith, Julien Kerneur and Carl Ferreira. Check out the new features and updates of this do-it-all kite.