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Liam Whaley training on the blue waters of the Caribbean! Take a look at episode 2 of World Of Whaley, shot in Bonaire!

Liam Whaley
Gianmaria Cocoluto
Maxime Chabloz
Mikaili Sol
Valentin Rodriguez

Film Credits:
Fabio Ingrosso
Gianmaria Cocoluto
Maxime Chabloz

Jake Kelsick says that “The Best Kite Sessions Start With A Sketchy Launch”. Watch him riding in the Caribbean and see for yourself!

“MaxWorld” is Maxime Chabloz’s new series. The first episode is out and was shot in Bonaire. Watch the young shredder training in the Caribbean! Stay tuned for more action and trips.

Special Guests: Mikaili Sol, Valentin Rodrigues, Gianmaria Coccoluto, Liam Waley, Aron Rosslee and Fabio Ingrosso

Edit by Maxime Chabloz
Video by Gianmaria Coccoluto, Fabio Ingrosso, Aron Rosslee and Maxime Chabloz

After Antigua, it’s time for a trip in Barbuda! Watch Jake Kelsick, Megan Grant and friends having good times in the Caribbean.

A nice drone footage picturing Rodolphe MacKeene riding strapless at his home spot in St Barthélémy, in the Caribbean. Enjoy!

A few clips from Jake Kelsick’s session riding in the Caribbean Sea, with lots of seaweed. Watch here how it ended!

Gwada sessions

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A video from a few winter sessions in Guadeloupe! Watch Lucas Pelus having fun in the Caribbean.

Island style Christmas

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Watch Theo Demanez “Santa” and Rudolph having fun in the beautiful Saint Martin island.

Fun times exploring the Caribbean with Jake Kelsick and his teammates. Check out another nice episode of Jake’s adventures in paradise!

In the third episode of “Island Life”, Jeremie Tronet gives a quick insight of how they deal with bad weather and tropical storms heading to Union Island. Watch and enjoy another episode of Jeremie’s new series!