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Travel to Cape Town with Paulino Pereira! In his new video, Portuguese rider shows us some good moments of his trip. Check it out!

Check out Marc Toth’s new video shot in Cape Town! Marc spent 3 weeks in South Africa during the King of the Air 2019. This footage pictures some moments from those 3 weeks.

The Courts do CAPE TOWN

Posted: 3rd März 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Follow Tom Court and Sophie Mathews on a fun day spent in Cape Town.

Ozone AMP V1

Posted: 23rd Februar 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Ruben Lenten presents the new freestyle and park style kite by Ozone, the AMP. Watch him riding in Cape Town with the new kite!

Watch Tom Court and the Dirty Habits crew enjoying a fun down wind skate session in Cape Town.

Watch some of the best jumps and crashes at Kite Beach, Cape Town, during the King of The Air 2019!

Video by Actionedit

Posito Martinez was one of the riders in competition in Cape Town. Watch him in action at the King of the Air 2019!

Take a look at Tom Court’s epic down wind session in Cape Town. Enjoy his fun day that ended with free beers and pizza!

Watch here some of the highlights of what went down at Blouberg’s Kite Beach, in Cape Town, during the famous big air event King of The Air.

“Wind | Water | Wild” is a new kiteboarding series by Luke McGillewie. In the first episode, he introduces us to kiteboarding in Cape Town, South Africa. Watch Luke searching for wind and waves at Cape Point and Scarborough.

Stay tuned for episode 2!