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Let’s take a look at the full event recap of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic 2019.

Video by Jeffrey O’Neil

Take a sneak peek at this short highlight reel from the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic 2019.

Check out the newest KEVVLOG and see Kevin Langeree enjoying strong wind and big waves during the Cape Hatters Wave Classic 2019.

Reider Decker and Moona Whyte won the 1st place in this year’s Cape Hatteras Wave Classic. Check here!

Men’s Final Results
1. Reider Decker $ 4,000
2. Keahi de Aboitiz $ 2,500
3. Kevin Langeree $ 1,500

Women’s Final Results
1. Moona Whyte $ 4,000
2. Gage Fichter $ 2,500
3. Jessie Kilgor $ 1,500

The 2019 edition of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic will happen from September 14th-20th in The Outer Banks, North Carolina. Check the trailer here!

Here is the first episode of ‘The Life of Lous’, Annelous Lammerts’ new series about her kiteboarding journey. Episode 1 was shot in Cape Hatteras during the Wind Voyager Triple S Invitational, the first stop of the Kite Park League. Follow Lous in her journey as she wins her first Triple S.

Check out the highlights from Day 1 of the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational, that started with classic south west conditions in Cape Hatteras.

Video by Jeffrey O’Neil

The 2019 wildcard winners who will be competing in Cape Hatteras from June 1-7 2019 are Xander Raith and Helena Brochocka.


Style, style, style! Xander Raith has the technical riding and style to compete in the Wind Voyager Triple-S. Xander’s slider game precision and unique feature hits.


The technicality and variety set Helena Brochocka’s riding apart from the other Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest competitors. Her locked in presses and stylish kicker hits make her a welcome addition to the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.

The winners of the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest were chosen based solely on kickers, sliders and park features. Riders were not judged on any video editing skills, lifestyle, cable riding, boosting, or traditional freestyle kiteboarding.

Congratulations to the winners Xander Raith and Helena Brochacka, who will be competing against the world’s wakestyle elite in the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational June 1st-7th. Thank you to all the riders and viewers of the Wildcard Video Contest. There is still a chance to get in the main event via the Wind Voyager Triple-S Open. First place in the men’s open and first place in the woman’s open will move on to the main event.


Kevin Langeree is in Cape Hatteras having great fun. Watch his new vlog “Is this the best downwinder in the world?!”!

From June 1st-7th, 34 of the world’s best kiteboarders will be in Cape Hatteras competing at the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational 2019. Watch the trailer of this year’s event and stay tuned for all the action!