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Follow American wakeskater Brian Grubb on an exciting adventure through the Wadi Al-Hidan canyon, in Jordan. This will amaze you!

Dominik Gührs and Nick Davies were the first pro wakeboarders to visit the brand new 313 Cable Park in Lithuania. Take a look at the video picturing 4 days of fun at the cable! Watch it till the end, because during one of those days and with a lot of wind, they had the chance to try kiteboarding for the first time ever!

Watch Daniel Rutten shredding in Turkey, at Gold Cable Park.

Filmed by Artem Danilevich

Lisa Baloo and Sanne Meijer enjoying together some crazy days in Thailand! Watch their nice video shot at Thai Wake Park.


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DANiMAL is an edit by Daniel Grant that pictures his 2017 season. Take a look!

Dylan van der Meij having great fun at Kite Cable Thailand! Enjoy his short clip.

Benjamin Beholz and Joshua Emanuel hitting up the cable in Cape Town! Check out a short clip from their fun wakeboard session at Blue Rock.

The boys are crazy on the fourth episode of Dirty Habits​ webseries! Fun wakeboard sessions, partys and much more. Watch and enjoy Episode 4!

Riders: Nick Jacobsen​, Liam Whaley, Dylan James Mitchell​, Craig Eygenberger​, Jason Colborne​, Candice Bacon​, Sean Bacon, ​Carl Ferreira, ​Joshua Emanuel​, Jason Baker​, Darryl Partington​, Graham Howes​.

Video: Jop Heemskerk​
Photo: Brendan Pieterse​

River Skiing in France

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Charles Dauzet and friends having fun skiing across a very shallow river in France, with an old pair of alpine skis. Check out how it went!

A wakeboarding short film called “Night Shift”, featuring Matt Montoro, Clem Nadal, Arthur Breton, Vincent Sudrat and Donatien Billaud. Watch and enjoy Jon Vital’s new project!

Music “Vagues” by La Femme