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Triple Freestyle World Champion, Bruna Kajiya joins North international team.

Here is North Press:

North welcomes Bruna Kajiya!

North Kiteboarding is thrilled to announce that Triple Freestyle World Champion, Bruna Kajiya has joined our world-class team of international athletes.

The first female to land a Backside 315, Bruna is one of the most recognisable faces in kiteboarding with her powerful and progressive riding style.

Brazilian born and bred, Bruna’s love for the ocean started through surfing, where she picked up the nickname ‘Little Fish’. From the moment she tried kiteboarding, Bruna has been working her way to the top. With numerous feats including 5 x Brazilian Champion, 2x Triple S Winner and 3 x Vice World Champion, it’s safe to say that Bruna is one of the best female riders out there.

Mike Raper, Brand Director at North says “Bruna has such a powerful vision for women that pushes riding styles to the limit. We are stoked for her to join our team and very excited to see where her drive and passion will take her next.”

When it comes to training, Bruna’s self-motivation and discipline is relentless. With regular training sessions at the Red Bull headquarters in LA, she’s a force to be reckoned with. A true icon for female riders, Bruna is dedicated to empowering women to get involved in the sport.

Bruna believes that kiteboarding is a means to express her true self. Her dedication to training, the way she moves, and even her bubbly personality, can all be seen when she is out on the water. We can’t wait to support Bruna in taking her riding to the next level.


Watch Bruna Kajiya, Guille Alvarez and David Tonijuan shredding in Brazil! Enjoy this nice video with loads of style and tricks.

Express Yourself – Bruna Kajiya

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“Express Yourself” is Bruna Kajiya’s new video, where she shares with us her love for the ocean and the dedication to kiteboarding. Bruna explains why riding is the way she expresses herself. So check it out!

Bruna Kajiya won her third World Title in her home country, Brazil. Watch a short clip capturing some of the high moments of 2017 season.

In this episode, Reider Decker shows how to do a basic air, a staple to the progression of riding strapless. Check out the second episode of his new show!

Shot and Edited: TheBank

In the first episode of “The Reider Decker Show”, Reider shows how to ride fins first, something you will need to know before you get into the more complicated strapless maneuvers. Bruna Kajiya is the invited rider to learn it! So check it out.

Shot and Edited: TheBank

Bruna Kajiya landed an impressive Slim Chance with a score of 9.00 pts, during the Mondial du Vent 2017 held in Leucate. Check it out!


“What’s in a Name?” is the new Airush movie filmed in Cape Town, Mauritius and Brazil. Watch team riders: Alex Pastor, Anthar Racca, Bruna Kajiya, Carl Ferreira, Julien Kerneur, Oswald Smith and Reider Decker, pushing the limits of performance!

Bas Koole & Ydwer van der Heide

Bas Koole & Ydwer van der Heide

Airush Kiteboarding

TheBank &

Bas Koole

Ydwer van der Heide


Ydwer van der Heide & Clinton Filen


Check out the teaser of the upcoming Airush Kiteboarding video. Featuring Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya, Anthar Racca, Bas Koole, Reider Decker, Oswald Smith, Julien Kerneur, Victor Hays and more! Stay tuned for the full movie!


The 2016 World Kiteboarding League Champions

There could not have been a more perfect ending to our 2016 season than this final at the Aircalin Kitesurf Pro in New Caledonia. This location provided the World Kiteboarding League athletes with optimal conditions to demonstrate their power and talent. Throughout the year we have seen an unbelievable level of riding, that keeps raising the standard of freestyle kiteboarding to another level.

3rd Overall Men – Alex Pastor

As a former World Champion, Alex Pastor from Spain knew what he wanted to work towards this year. He has demonstrated skill and talent, and is always certain to add plenty of style to his riding. He had some unfortunate luck in his final heat here in New Caledonia, injuring his hand, and did not ride as well as he had been anticipating. However, his good results through the year lead him to this 3rd position in the overall rankings.


2nd Overall Men – Youri Zoon

Youri Zoon, 2x former World Champion from the Netherlands also had his eye on the number one position this year. His last World Title was back in 2011, and this was his opportunity to get back to the top. He has been riding unbelievably well throughout the year, and put on an extremely impressive performance in this final in New Caledonia. Unfortunately that number one spot was not quite within his grasp, but 2nd overall is a demonstration of his talent and perseverance.


1st Overall Men – Carlos Mario

To describe the level of riding that Carlos Mario has achieved throughout this year is no easy feat. He has shown such incredible talent and performs every trick with such ease that there are times when he seems almost super-human. This young rider from Cauipe is fully deserving of this years Overall Title, and we are excited to see how will continue to push the level of competitive kiteboarding in 2017.


Please view the video about Carlos Mario’s path to the title right here.

3rd Overall Women – Annabel Van Westerop

2016 was a year of many changes for Annabel Van Westerop of Aruba. Changing sponsors, starting University and learning how to combine student life with competitive kiteboarding. We are delighted to see that this female athlete has what it takes to manage all of those elements and still stay at the very top of the kiteboarding elite. We look forward to seeing her climb even higher in 2017.


2nd Overall Women – Hannah Whiteley

It was great to have Hannah Whiteley from the UK at every stop of the tour this year. She has shown us that she is a force to be reckoned with. Lots of power and strength go into Hannah’s riding, and it has certainly paid off giving her this 2nd position overall.


1st Overall Women – Bruna Kajiya

Simply said, Bruna Kajiya from Brazil has raised the bar for Women’s kiteboarding. Pushing herself and her fellow competitors, it has been nothing short of spectacular watching her fight to maintain her top position throughout this year. We are extremely happy to see her achieve this year’s Overall title.


Please view Bruna Kajiya’s road to success here.

2016 was an incredible year, and an opportunity for the WKL to gradually build up the foundation for a high quality World Kiteboarding Tour. 2017 will be our opportunity to perfect that. We look forward to a variety of stops across the globe, and to providing you with the opportunity to follow and enjoy the best level of competitive kiteboarding available.