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Noè Font – Africa Mixtapes

Posted: 25th Juni 2020 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Noè Font presents “Africa Mixtapes”, a compilation of his trips to Kenya and South Africa at the beginning of 2020.

Watch and enjoy Noè’s new footage from Africa!

Africa Mixtapes is a KF original by Noe Font presented by Duotone Kiteboarding and ION. Filmed by Manel Arpa, Tom Court, Jop Heemskerk, Ewan Jaspan and Noe Font.

Jumping the mangroves of Madagascar

Posted: 3rd November 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Stig Hoefnagel enjoying a windy day in Madagascar! Watch Dutch rider jumping mangroves on the southeast coast of Africa.

Cape Verde Dreamin’

Posted: 19th Juni 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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This is Paulino Pereira having a blast in Cape Verde! Watch a short video from his recent trip to Africa.

Video by Ricardo Pinto & Diogo Cardoso

SCARIEST KITESURF session ever!!

Posted: 10th April 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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In this vlog, Roderick Pijls shares an incredible but also scary session in Africa. Watch him kiting in a toxic and 60 degree celsius ‘boiling’ hot lake in Tanzania!

Take a trip to Africa with Paula Novotná! Follow her while she explores the beauty and the great conditions that Zanzibar and Kenya have to offer. Watch and enjoy “Jambo Mambo Africa”!

Zanzibar – Paje, Kenya – Watamu

Filmed and edited by: Laci Kobulsky

The full film “DEVIATION” is finally out! Take a break and follow Alex Campet and Cindy in quest of perfect spots and freedom, from South Morocco to Mauritania.

This video is a compilation of clips of an amazing road trip in South Africa. Céline Sauvage and Louis Bester traveled by car from Cape Town up the eastern coast to Wilderness and explored some beautiful spots along the way. Check out the video of their fun trip earlier this year.

Bertrand Beauchet shows us “Another Point Of View of Dakhla”, a short video starring Delphine Macaire. Watch her enjoying the amazing rights of the western coast of Africa!

Langeree brothers headed out to Madagascar to catch its endless waves. Watch Kevin and Jalou sharing some fun strapless sessions in Lavanono, in the south of Madagascar!


Jalou Langeree traveled to Mozambique searching for adventure and to explore new kitesurfing destinations. Watch her enjoying empty line ups and scoring some nice waves in Africa!