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Sam Light has a new vlog, called “Never been done mindset”! Shot in Perth last January, it’s packed with some nice freestyle action clips. Check it out!

Watch 8 and a half minutes of pure action on water and snow, with Laci Kobulsky in front and behind the camera. This is the 2017 montage of his best moments! Enjoy.

Riders & Friends in Videos – Matej Anderko, Alby Rondina, Matthias Lancsar, Paula Novotna, Aaron Hadlow, Agata Dobrynszka, Hannah Bessinger, Liloo Fouree, Marco Koeppel, Rado Dubovy & Laci Kobulsky.

“Summer Dreams” starring Silvia Ciudad is a short kiteboarding movie that documents her progression and training during the last year. Watch her nice compilation of action clips!

Kitesurfer Insane Office Escape

Posted: 22nd Mai 2016 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Every kitesurfer dreams about escaping the office when the wind picks up, but only one dared to steal a teleportation device to accomplish his goal. Check out some fun kiteboarding action!

What’s Rick Jensen been up to? Check out his recap video packed with nice action clips! Enjoy.

Pangea Festival 2016, Germany
Technik Museum Pütnitz, Germany
Cablesport Arena Pinneberg, Germany
Cumbuco, Brazil
Triple-S, Cape Hatteras, USA

Tobias Hölter, Andi Jansen, Nate Appel, Olivier Sautet, Ewan Jaspen, Chris Simpson, Rick Jensen.

SONG: Mad Child Devil’s Reject

Compilation of some amazing action sports clips: kiteboarding, mountain biking, surfing and skating.
It was shot on location mostly in the Indian Ocean – Mauritius, Reunion Island and Seychelles.

Check out 2 minutes of pure action! Enjoy.

One Minute With Johan

Posted: 3rd Dezember 2014 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Watch this short edit filmed last summer presenting Johan Widen, from Habo Locals crew. Take a minute and check it out!