Plans Can Change

Posted: 10th Juni 2019 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein

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Unfortunately, Steffi Wahl (Sailloft Hamburg) has been forced into a change of plans this summer after sustaining a foot injury last week while sailing in Denmark, which will rule Wahl out of the Canaries leg of the tour. Everyone from the PWA would like to wish Steffi a speedy and successful recovery. 

Steffi Wahl (Sailloft Hamburg): “Now my Summer 2019 will definitely be different from the last one. I ask myself if it’s all about the odd-numbered years? Not sure about that, but lucky me I’m far from believing in conspiracy theory and so it’s not about the numbers. It is just about getting injured while doing my favourite sport and if you do a sport something can happen. We can avoid it in being fit and in stopping when you are tired, but sometimes it’s just bad luck. 

Unfortunately I was a bit unlucky in Denmark last week during our holidays and ruptured my front syndesmosis ligament and another ligament in my foot while landing too steep.

That means 6 weeks in cast and no movement and weight on that foot. But lucky me no operation needed, because the bones are in place. All in all 3 months to hopefully be windsurfing slowly again. But I’m sure I can go surfing without a sail at the end of August in our next holidays and a bit of hiking would  already make me happy.

But I will miss the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival and the event in Tenerife this summer.  I was really looking forward to a great time on & off the water with the girls and I got everything organised already. Oh well…..

Here at the Baltic Sea & North Sea it just started to get warm, so I was keen to sail without hoodie...but now it seems I will be only wearing the full stuff this year.....

But those things always seem to happen when you least expect them. I’m happy that I can be near the sea even without playing and it’s not too long! It just a bit sad that my boards have to stay in the dark shed for quite a while.... Let’s hope they are keen after the break.

Here is a video from last Tuesday in Hanstholm. Lina and me had some really nice hours of sailing!"

Photo credit: Bulgenslag