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Rhodos Fanes und Kalavarda – jetzt schon den Kiteurlaub 2018 buchen

Posted: 22nd August 2017 by - Kitereisen - Windsurfen - Kitesurfen - Wellenreiten Blog in Griechenland
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Rhodos Fanes und Kalavarda – hier dreht sich alles um Kitesurfen – ab sofort ist von vielen Flughäfen bereits der Sommer 2018 buchbar. Nur 12 Km vom Flughafen entfernt und ca. 25 Km von Rhodos Stadt liegt das kleine Fischerdörfchen Fanes. Ein bisschen verschlafen, ein bisschen ursprünglich, wer Ruhe und griechische Gemütlichkeit sucht ist hier […]

Kite City Kitereisen – Kite Lern Wochen

Posted: 14th Juni 2016 by - Kitereisen - Windsurfen - Kitesurfen - Wellenreiten Blog in Ägypten, Brasilien, Griechenland
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Nach einem normalen Kitekurs lernst Du, dass man Kiten nicht in 10 Stunden lernt. Nach zwei Kitekursen merkst Du, dass 2 mal 10 nicht 20 ist. Nach drei Kitekursen weißt Du, dass Du besser gleich eine Kitecity gebucht hättest. Denn bei den Intensiv-Seminaren von Kitecity bleibst Du 6 Tage lang am Kite. Und 6 Tage […]

Once upon a time, a group of riders were on a search for the best conditions to go ‘On a Ride’ with their latest 2015 gear. They landed in Paros, Greece and each of them found their ultimate conditions for freestyle and freeriding.

See how they all came together for a nice sunset session after spending the day in this beautiful location.

Watch some freeride action and old school tricks of Gisela Pulido, Sam Medysky, Val Garat, Mike Schitzhofer, Hannah Whiteley, Paula Rosales, Stefan Permien, Alex Neto and Tom Charlton.

Filmed and edited by Miguel Willis
Music by – Gentleman Hall – Sail into the Sun RAC Mix

Marmari Windsurfing Center Kos

Posted: 19th Januar 2015 by News - NeilPryde Windsurfing 2011 in Griechenland, JP, Neil Pryde
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Kos sets itself apart from other Greek islands by its Turkish influence. The consistent, ever present on-shore wind in Marmari is great for bump and jump windsurfing and can accommodate beginners to advanced sailors. The Marmari Windsurfing Center is very relaxed and well equipped, with helpful and attentive staff and the latest equipment from NeilPryde and JP-Australia. Despite the touristy beaches, there is a lot of Kos culture to explore if you head inland — local nature, music and food. All in all, it's a wonderful place for your next adventure holiday.

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Plaka Watersports Windsurfing Center Naxos

Posted: 12th Januar 2015 by News - NeilPryde Windsurfing 2011 in Griechenland, JP, Neil Pryde
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Plaka Watersports Windsurfing Center is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches on Naxos, Greece. The predominantly side-offshore wind is perfect for most levels of windsurfing and when the stronger winds kick-in you can even get some ramps for bump and jump. The center is equipped with the latest NeilPryde and JP-Australia equipment which makes learning faster, easier and more fun. Great equipment and wind, combined with a fantastic atmosphere, crazy night life and super adventurous trips around the island make Plaka Watersports a place to remember.

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Secrets of the Wind – Episode 3

Posted: 3rd November 2014 by News - NeilPryde Windsurfing 2011 in Griechenland, Neil Pryde
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In this episode Steven van Broeckhoven explores the magical island of Karpathos, Greece. The island is well known for windsurfing and good wind condition yet there is still so much to be explored — very diverse nature, strong local traditions, amazing home made food and beautifully untouched beaches. Enjoy this short feature from Steven and Andraz Zan.

Check out Nobile team kite trip to Rhodos, Greece starring Gosia Kołacz and Olek Lewandowski. It looks like they really enjoyed every moment spent on the water in Prasonisi.

Have you ever been to this amazing spot? If not watch this video and you will surely feel tempted to visit the island!

Dimitri Maramanides is extremely proud off his Greek heritage and to celebrate it he has released a limited edition of the “Epic Screamer” which will only be available to the Greek market.

This video filmed on the Island of Paros, features Dimitri Maramanides, Jeroen Tump and Marc Rowley. Check it out!

The young French rider Nino Liboni spent one month in Greece with Nicolas Delmas and Lucas Vergez. They enjoyed perfect conditions on the island of Rhodes.

This video pictures Nino’s training sessions. With only 13 years of age, this young rider shows a variety of tricks. Watch it and find out more about his summer holiday in Greece.

Plaka Watersports Naxos Windsurfing Camp

Posted: 18th Juli 2014 by News - NeilPryde Windsurfing 2011 in Griechenland, Neil Pryde
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Andraž Žan recently completed another one of his popular windsurfing camps in Naxos. He sends us a few words on how it went...

"We had a great windsurf camp on Naxos in Plaka Watersports Naxos center last week. Two weeks of nice wind, great conditions and awesome people made the atmosphere perfect for learning, teaching and just having fun with windsurfing. The crew at the windsurf center were very organized and helpful so we had a really easy time with the camp. The people learned waterstarts, planing, tried their first jibes and advanced windsurfers where getting over their fear of speedloops. Beside windsurfing we were exploring the culture of the island and enjoying the beautiful nature. Have a look at the pictures to get better impression what was going on."

More on Plaka Watersports:

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