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In this video, Karolina Winkowska talks about some unwritten rules of kiteboarding. It’s worth to watch!

In this new vlog, Karolina Winkowska shares her experience riding during Cyclone Oma, that hit the East Coast of Australia last month. Take a look!

Karolina Winkowska’s new vlog is out! Her new tutorial is about front roll and grabs. Watch it and give it a try on your next session!

In her new vlog, Karolina Winkowska gives us 3 tips to jump higher. Polish rider also shows her first experience at the Red Bull King of The Air. Take a look!

Take a look at Karolina Winkowska’s newest vlog, “Learn kiteboarding with a pro”, shot in Western Australia.

In her new video shot in Australia, Karolina Winkowska gives us a few tips on how to choose the best kite. Take a look!

Karolina Winkowska is in Australia, where she shot a new episode of her vlog. Check out “Never too old for kiteboarding!”

In this video, Karolina Winkowska explains some dangerous situations that can happen while kiteboarding and how to avoid them. Watch episode 2 of her new vlog and ride safe!

Check here 5 tips that Karolina Winkowska gives to kiteboard with more style.

Phootage: Alexander Lewish-Hughes, Alex Maes

Brandon Scheid and Karolina Winkowska claimed the 2018 Kite Park League world titles.
Take a look at the higlight video of the 2018 Kite Mansion Open finals, during the final stop of the 2018 Kite Park League held in Icapui, Brazil.

Edit by Laci Kobulský & Photography by Andre Magarao

Official Results:

Kite Mansion Open – Men
1st place – Ramiro Gallart
2nd place – Ewan Jaspan
3rd place – Brandon Scheid

Kite Mansion Open – Women
1st place – Annelous Lammerts
2nd place – Colleen Carroll
3rd place – Sensi Graves

2018 Kite Park League – Overall Ranking Men
1st place – Brandon Scheid
2nd place – Ewan Jaspan
3rd place – Noè Font
4th place – Alex Maes
5th place – Christophe Tack

2018 Kite Park League – Overall Ranking Women
1st place – Karolina Winkowska
2nd place – Julia Castro
3rd place – Annelous Lammerts
4th place – Colleen Carroll
5th place – Sensi Graves

Best line contest
1st place – Alex Maes (22 points)
1st place – Ewan Jaspan (22 points)
3rd place – Noè Font (20,25 points)