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Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021

Posted: 14th September 2021 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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With low winds early on Sunday, the first possible start was set for 10:30am, but proper conditions didn’t arrive in Klitmøller until at around 15:00 - when the wind started to turn more westerly and picked up to around 20kts. All competitors were eager to get on the water and in true Cold Hawaii fashion sailing continued until dark.

First up was the U-15 and U-13 between Leon Maethner G-34, Peter Gobish G-802 and Arthur Van de Brande B-9. The young boys performed impressively in conditions where the waves were still on the smaller side. Even so, the heat had nice forward loops and some excellent wave riding as well as solid fundamentals. In the end, Leon Maethner G-34(Fanatic, Duotone, ION), ended up third, Peter Gobish G-802 (Duotone, Fanatic, Ion) second with Arthur Van de Brande B-9(Flyhigh Sports) taking first place with his well executed forward loops proving to be the difference.

Next it was U-17s turn, with a 3 brackets battle, and it started out strong with a stalled forward from Tobias Bjørnaa D-36 followed up immediately by a clean backloop by Gregorios Stathopoulos GRE-73. In the heat between Arthur Kahrs GER-187 and Anton Ricther G-441, both competitors executed great forwards, but Richter stole the show with a beautiful backloop! For the U-17 finals it was between Anton Richter G-441, Hannes Gobish G-801 and local talent Tobias Bjørnaa D-36. Richter started out with aggressive wave riding, followed up by a nice forward from Gobisch. Later on in the heat Bjørnå showed a great stalled forward. At this point the wind was onshore, which led to a forward off-the-lip attempt from Richter. The final ended with Anton Richter G-441(Neilpryde, Jp-Australia, Surfpirates) in first, Tobias Bjørnaa D-36(Duotone, fanatic, ion, k4 fins, noerstick) in second and Hannes Gobish G-801(Duotone, Fanatic, ION) in first

The women U-20 turned out to be a great show! All 5 girls were on the water against each other, and it only brought out the best of them. Their wave riding was impressive all round, with frontside and backside wave riding in increasing sizes of waves and a lot of current. In the jumping department, it turned into a front loop galore with every girl gunning for it. Line Wittrup D-82 and Maria Behrens G-209 had really nice forwards, Maria Navarro E-737 even over rotated her first forward, but redeemed it later on and young Sol Degreick B-5 had an absolutely massive forward loop. It was so tough for the judges to decide who came out on top that two competitor finished tied on points, such was the closeness of the battle. The girls had to go at it again in another heat after the U-20 Men’s Final to find the final score. In the end, Maria Naavarro E-737(Goya windsurfing, Godzilla surf shop, MFC, Malavida, Deportes granadilla de Abona) claimed first, ahead of Maria Behrens G-209(Fanatic, Duotone, MauiUltraFins, Chiemsee), second, and 13-year-old Sol Degrieck B-5(Severne) in third. 

The U20s went through 7 heats of the Single Elimination to find a winner. In the cloudy weather the wind and waves had picked up, and it showed from the first heat, with a forward from Marlon Maethner, whilst Takuma Sugi made a strong start with a one-handed backloop and a huge forward loop. In the second heat - Liam Dunkerbeck E-11 - came in flying with stunning planing forwards and pushloops. All competitors in the first round had excellent backside and frontside wave riding in difficult conditions. 

The second round of heats saw the wind peak and Marino Gil Gheradi E-959 impressed in his first heat, with the biggest backloop of the day, perhaps only surpassed with a one-footed backloop. In the wave riding department he showed a frontside 360, a cutback taka and an off the lip cutback. In the finals it was Dunkerbeck, Sugi and Gil, which proved to be an impressive spectacle. Dunkerbeck stomped a huge stalled forward, whilst Gil responded with a technical aerial.  Gil then showed up his aerial prowess with an impressive repertoire of one-footed backloops, stalled forwards and a  huge pushloop. Takuma Sugi showed off his superb wave riding and closed it out with pushloops - and raised the bar by landing the only double forward of the day! So, after a great final Liam Dunkerbeck E-11(Red Bull, Starboard, Severne, Mfc ) finished third, just behind Marino Gil Gheradi E-959(Goya windsurf, MFC, Mala vida rest, Pozowinds) in second, whilst Takuma Sugi J-7(Gasails, Tabou,  maneuverline, satiworks, テイクビルシステム、グローバルアイ) takes home a well deserved victory in the Single Elimination.

That's the result following first day of competition at Noerstick Cold Hawaii Youth PWA in Klitmøller, with competitors being crowned well into dusk. As of now tomorrow might just suprise us, and we will be standing by. That's all for today, only thing left to say is congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thanks to our sponsors and helpers who made it all possible. 

Looking Ahead

Tuesday’s skippers’ meeting will be at 10am, but also the forecast does not look too promising. Wednesday and Thursday, however, looks promising at the moment for some great waves and offshore conditions, which should hopefully provide an excellent show! Stay tuned!