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Lovely Holiday

Posted: 5th Oktober 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Oda & SQ: “After Australia, Beatrice and Magdalena parted ways and each headed to their homes.
A week later Beatrice realized she needed to escape the winter in Europe and before Magdalena knew it Beatrice was at her doorstep in Aruba.
Just in time for the windy season, and also the unexpected lockdown! Her six week trip turned into 3,5 months.
With official contests being cancelled, the dynamic duo put all this extra time to good use and sailed their hearts out.
Always trying to out-do each other and with seemingly unlimited energy they were on the water practicing a different discipline every day until dark.
Follow Beatrice and Magdalena in Aruba, going for freestyle, slalom, foil, wave and kiting. 
It was a Lovely Holiday to remember!

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