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First Swell Of The Season

Posted: 29th September 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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With summer coming to an end, the first autumn swell of the season has already hit Maui, Hawaii, bringing a welcome return of waves. 

Last year's world No.3 - Marcilio Browne (Goya Windsurfing) - is just one of the sailors who was on hand to take advantage of the first swell of the season and you can watch the Brazilian link together trademark tweaked airs and powerful turns @



Cold Hawaii

Posted: 28th September 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Julian Salmonn (Bruch Boards / GUNSAILS) decided to leave his home in Tenerife and make the long drive to Cold Hawaii, Denmark, to meet up with PWA buddies - Marc Paré (Fanatic / Duotone), Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Duotone), Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic / Duotone) and Klaas Voget (Fanatic / Duotone).

That decision looks like one that paid off handsomely with Salmonn tucking into some juicy North Sea nuggets and unleashing some seriously tasty turns!

You can see Julian Salmonn's latest short edit @

​Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup 2020

Posted: 25th September 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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After a week of action, cosiness (hygge, learn it, love it) and big smiles, the Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup concluded on September 19th with a moderate westerly wind- 16-18kts - which wasn’t quite enough to hold another super session with there still being a strong current on the inside.

However, that didn't keep these eager young surfers off the water. Light wind gear was rigged as there was still some swell leftover to enjoy.

During the final afternoon the winners of another highly successful week in Cold Hawaii were crowned by PWA Head Judge - Duncan Coombs.

In the Boy’s U13 fleet, Peter Gobisch (Fanatic / Duotone), competed against his elder peers to claim a commendable victory, 

Meanwhile, in the Boy’s U15s division - unseeded sailor - Anton Richter (JP / NeilPryde) - produced the upset of the event as he not only took down local boy - Tobias Bjørnå (Fanatic / Duotone) - but he would go on to win the entire event with a proficient display. Italian Giulio Gasperini (Starboard / Severne) claimed the second spot on the podium - whilst he was also able to claim and excellent victory in the supersession! Having harboured hopes of winning his local event - Bjørnå - eventually had to set for a solid 3rd place. 

In the U17 Boy’s last years world champion - Liam Dunkerbeck (Starboard / Severne) and vice-world champion - Lennart Neubauer (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins) - were the clear standout sailors. However, it was Dunkerbeck who would take a decisive victory with the 16-year-old setting the highest scoring heat of the contest with the young Spaniard’s rail-to-rail wave riding really setting him apart. Neubauer sailed solidly throughout to claim second place ahead of Lars Bubelach, who completed the podium.

Their was a clear standout in the Boy’s U20s also with 19-year-old Henri Kolberg (Hot Sails Maui / Maui Ultra Fins) earning a comprehensive victory ahead of Simon Thule (Starboard / Sailloft Hamburg) and Malthe R. Øgelund. The German will now look to play his trade on the full World Tour as this was Kolberg’s final event as a youth, he added: ““Taking the win after a year with no competition feels great, so I'm pretty stoked.”

In The Girls U20s - Line Bang Wittrup (Goya Windsurfing) - claimed a narrow victory over 15-year-old - Lina Eržen (Fanatic / Duotone) - with Wittrup able to win two out of the three Finals completed. Meanwhile, Maria Behrens (Fanatic / Duotone) completed the podium, whilst all the girls particularly impressed the judges with their wave riding!

That concludes another highly successful week in Cold Hawaii congrats again to all of the next generation rippers, who continue to show the future of the sport is in safe hands! Big thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers, who made all of this possible. We hope to see all of you next time here in Cold Hawaii for more action.

Miss vs Don’t Miss

Posted: 24th September 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Jules Denel (JP / NeilPryde), Dieter van der Eyken (Severne / Severne Sails) and Arrianne Aukes (Fanatic / Duotone / Maui Ultra Fins) are the latest sailors to share their thoughts on what they miss most about competing... and what they don't miss...

Jules Denel (JP / NeilPryde)

1. What I miss the most is that fighting mode mentality that you have [during a contest]. It’s a moment where everything is true and powerful, when you have to give the best of your quality. And for sure when you win a heat with this mood it’s so gratifying !! So now I practice tennis competition this year to feel this… hahaha

2. What I don’t miss the most is the bad feeling after losing a heat.. when your kill your annual ranking with a s***** heat in full on conditions on 5.6 sails after Las Americas.. hahaha (joking)

Dieter van der Eyken (Severne / Severne Sails)

1. What I miss the most about competing is the thrill of pushing yourself to the next level to score those few extra points & seeing everyone else do the same. 

2. What I miss the least for the moment is traveling with all the boardbags & pulling stickers off of the sails at the end of the events.

Arrianne Aukes 

1. The good vibes at the beach, the rush and adrenaline of competition and seeing all my friends from the Tour. 

2. All the waiting at the beach all day! Not many people realise that it's often just one heat a day, or even less, and the rest of the time it's waiting for wind or for your heat. 

Thanks Jules, Dieter & Arrianne.

Today Cabrinha launched the new 00 collection.

Take a short break and watch the product presentation, starring Pete Cabrinha and the team as they show the new 00 lineup and talk about the design processes.

The post Cabrinha 00 Product Presentation first appeared on KiteMovement.

Duotone presents the new weapon for freeriders and big air jumpers, the Rebel 2021.

Check out the key features and details of the new model.


The Rebel is a kite that has defined a generation of riders; it’s the best freeride kite on the market and the perfect tool to help you improve your riding. More than that though the Rebel was made for flying, no other kite in the Duotone range offers as much hangtime and float when you are jumping. Load up the edge and sheet in on take-off for an experience like no other. This year, Flex Struts have been incorporated into the design; these allow the kite to twist when you input steering response through the bar. This has made the Rebel much faster through the turn and more dynamic than in previous years.

The kite feels sportier, more like a race car, finely tuned and ready for action. The wind range on the Rebel is outstanding, the five-strut design keeps the shape stable in the air, so at the top end there is almost no limit, the jumps just get bigger, and the hangtime lasts longer. With several trim options on the bar, the Rebel is also very versatile, you can set the kite up for the conditions of the day and how you want it to fly. A familiar Sheet and Go feeling through the bar makes it a great kite for beginners and riders wanting to improve the way they ride. From your very first jumps to the biggest airs you could possibly imagine; the Rebel is the perfect partner every step of the way. Get ready for take-off and experience flying in a way you can only get with the Rebel!

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Consume & Die

Posted: 22nd September 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Yarden Meir (Goya Windsurfing) is back with a new radical Freestyle clip filmed at home in Israel. The Israeli keeps everything refreshingly different with his unique style and creativity!

You can see Yarden Meir's new edit - 'Consume & Die' @

Summer Lovin’

Posted: 21st September 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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With all contests cancelled for 2020 - Ricardo Campello (Naish / Naish Sails) - had the opportunity to spend his summer in Maui, Hawaii, for the first time in his life.

Ricardo Campello: “For the first time in my life, due to Covid I was able to spend time on Maui during summer, waves are not so consistent but we did have some days, and if we are in a mood to drive, at some places in the island you can score some good south swells!”

You can see Ricardo Campello’s summer highlights @

On September 23rd, Cabrinha will drop the new 00 collection of surf and hybrid products.

Meanwhile, take a sneak peak at the teaser to get a brief insight into the new 00 range. Stay tuned!

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​Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup 2020

Posted: 18th September 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Strong north westerly winds greeted the competitions on Day 4 of the 2020 ​Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup, which led to the organisers staging a super session with a difference…

Instead of the usual biggest trick wins, this time the next generation were split into teams led by pro captains - Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Duotone), Marc Pare (Fanatic / Duotone), Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic / Duotone) and Mads Bjørnå (Fanatic / Duotone). Only one sailor from each team was allowed on the water at a time and they would then need to land their best jump and link together their best wave as quick as possible - making sure to claim the move/wave by raising their arm to indicate that the judges should just that manoeuvre. Once complete the sailor must then return to the beach and tag their next team mate. As an added incentive to land all their moves as quick as possible, the fastest team would be awarded an extra 10 points!

Unfortunately, with the wind being bang onshore that made the conditions quite difficult, but there was still plenty of excellent action with Fernandez and Pare both landing double forwards, whilst Fernandez also spun through a stylish taka. Meanwhile, Anton Richter (JP / NeilPryde), who won the U15s on the opening day - landed a textbook backloop!

After the completion of the semifinals, Team 2 leg by Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic / Duotone) with (Giulio Gasperini (Starboard / Severne), ,Valters Videnieks (Hot Sails Maui), Nick Spangenberg (JP / GUNSAILS), Maria Behrens (Fanatic / Duotone), Lars Bubelach, Mads von Holten (Fanatic / Duotone) - would take on Team 3 Tobias Bjørnå (Fanatic / Duotone), Lennart Neubauer (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins), Leon Maethner (Fanatic / Duotone), Henri Kolberg (Hot Sails Maui), Luis Ilgner, Nadia Jablonski (Sailloft Hamburg), Leo Ricther (JP / NeilPryde) and their captain Mads Bjørnå (Fanatic / Duotone), who was a late stand-in for Klaas Voget (Fanatic / Duotone), who couldn’t make it. With the wind dying for the final things became even trickier, but in the end Team 3 deservedly took the victory with all of their team members successfully landing stylish jumps and wave rides!

Later today the official prize giving ceremony will be held to conclude what has been an excellent week in Cold Hawaii once again!