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Blast From The Past

Posted: 14th Mai 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Rytis Jasiunas (Fanatic / Duotone) was born and raised in Lithuania, but he is currently based in Tenerife, where he has been training this winter. Rytis is next up in ‘Blast From The Past’

Hi Rytis, take us back to the memory of your very first windsurf experience - Where were you?

Torbole, Lago di Garda, Italy.

When was it?

2003, when I was 9 years old.

With who were you?

My parents took me ta Vasco Renna windsurfing school.

What do you remember from that very first ‘session’? 

That the teacher (a super cute girl) was really fun and made the whole experience a fun game for the 6 or 8 kids that were in her class.

Who was your local hero? And why? 

So during the first week, this super cute teacher whose name I unfortunately forgot was my hero for sure hahaha  - she was sailing so effortlessly and I was super impressed.

What gear were you using? 

I think a 2.5 meter learning sail.

Describe your feeling when you were planing for the first time…

I thought the board lit up, and was exploding - I was fucking flying like a rocket across my lake 10x faster than anybody else, I felt like I was about to spritz superman himself. In reality I was on a Starboard Go 155, 3.5m sail with an aluminium mast that was bent and shifting left and right unable to go straight, but I felt like a King of the lake. And when I got out of course I said 'Mom, did you see that?' hahaha.

How did you realise you were becoming a professional windsurfer?

When I catapulted for like 6 times in one hour while trying to learn to foil, I was like - this is amazing - I wanna do this for the rest of my life.

Give a tip for the next generation! 

Windsurfing is the sickest sport ever - if you started it - never stop and if you are thinking of stopping because of the everyday problems, just think of the last session when you were planing across your lake/sea/bay and the feeling you had then - you'll realise the feeling of freedom, being one with nature, the speed, the wind, sun and water in your face is irreplaceable!!

Thanks, Rytis.