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Would You Rather

Posted: 8th Mai 2020 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / AL360 / Chopper Fins) returned to the race course last season after suffering a serious foot injury in July 2018. The Turk showed great grit and determination to sail through the pain barrier at time, whilst remaining a genuine threat for the podium at each event. The 31-year-old will be even stronger once the COVID-19 pandemic is over and will hoping to get her hands on a maiden world title in the next few seasons. Lena is next up in ‘Would You Rather’…

If you were reborn in a new life, would you rather be alive in the past or future?

I  think a future where we have solved our pollution problem would be awesome.  I wouldn’t really want to live in the past, as if you are looking for a more simple life you can simply choose to have that wherever you are, just look at the aimish.. Because of the fights generations before us have had we  have much more wealth, freedom and opportunities then the generations before us. I wouldn’t want to not have that.  

Would you rather be free or be totally safe?

Free for sure, it’s the moments when you are scared and overcome your fear that makes you feel most alive.
Would you rather have free Wi-Fi wherever you go or have free coffee where/whenever you want?

Free Wifi, even though I love coffee I think free WiFi is more handy to have especially when you are travelling a lot of remote places and want to keep in touch with friends and family.
Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

Read, with modern technology it’s quite easy to get audio versions of most texts. Not being able to speak would pose a real problem for communicating with people.
Would you rather spend the rest of your life with a sailboat as your home or an RV as your home?

Sailboat for sure, that is actually my biggest dream!
Would you rather have unlimited international first-class tickets or never have to pay for food at restaurants?

Food at a restaurant, I would not mind not having to cook all the time!
Would you rather be forced to dance every time you heard music or be forced to sing along to any song you heard?

Dance, that’s way more funny!
Would you rather travel the world for a year on a shoestring budget or stay in only one country for a year but live in luxury?

Hmmm it kind of depends on the country, a year is not that long when you’re in a big beautiful country. I did some travelling after university just with a backpack and a small budget and  had some amazing experiences. I’m not so interested in luxury but travelling with windsurfing equipment on a shoestring budget is almost impossible…
Would you rather have a horrible job, but be able to retire comfortably in 10 years or have your dream job, but have to work until the day you die?

Dream job for sure, when you have a dream job you’ll love what you do and will want to be doing it till you die anyway!
Would you rather be able to land every move in the world right now and never crash again or still be able to still learn new moves, but crash 10 times more frequently than it usually takes you to land a new move?
Landing every move sounds pretty darn good to me!!! I am sure I would still manage to find new challenges and really enjoy windsurfing landing my double forward ankle dry every time :).

Thanks, Lena. Have a good weekend!