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9-time PWA Freestyle World Champion - Gollito Estredo (Fanatic / Duotone) has just released a new movie ‘LIFE WIND’ which documents the Venezuelan’s trip through Colombia.

Along the way Gollito fits in plenty of windsurfing, as well as just travelling, and the action which follows is incredible with the King continuing to progress his sailing year-on-year with crazy combos such as triple culos, kabikuchi into culos and spock into double culos all being landed.

Gollito Estredo: “The experience of traveling to the Colombian Guajira and Lake Calima was impressive. I will never lose the passion of finding so many incredible places to sail. All this experiences have shown me a way of seeing life differently!” 

You can see Gollito Estredo’s explosive new move @

Charlie Wise in Mauritius

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This short clip sums up a fun session in Mauritius! Watch Charlie Wise ripping in one of the best kite spots in the world.

Song – New Navy – Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)
Filmed – by The Lounge | Harry Winnington & Stig

Watch the highlights of the ‘Game of Kite’ super session held on Day 4 in Dakhla.

Edit by Oliver Umpierre

1st – Pippa van Iersel & Liam Whaley
2nd – Mikaili Sol & Maxime Chabloz
3rd – Rita Arnaus & Edgar Ulrich
4th – Paula Novotna & Romain Giuliano