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CrazyFly Sculp 2020

Posted: 28th August 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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Check here the new features of the 2020 Sculp.

Moona Whyte is back home on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Take a look at her new episode of “Sessions with Moona”!

Cracking The Duck

Posted: 28th August 2019 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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Over the last few years Jaeger Stone (Starboard / Severne / SWOX) has been knocking on the door of claiming a maiden victory on the world tour, but has just fallen short. Up until earlier this month that is with the Australian finally cracking his duck with a superb display on the final day of the 2019 Tenerife PWA World Cup. 

2019 is proving to be quite a year for the 28-year-old with Stone also winning the Red Bull Storm Chase earlier this year in Ireland. After a landmark victory in Tenerife, which puts Stone firmly in contention for the world title, we caught up with Jaeger for an interview:

Hi Jaeger, congratulations on your first win on the world tour at the recent Tenerife PWA World Cup, has it settled in yet and how does it feel to get your first win on the tour?

Thanks! Yeah, it’s slowly settling in, still have to remind myself from time to time. It feels really good to achieve something I’ve always worked towards and it makes me laugh and smile thinking about it.

In Tenerife there was a lot of waiting around - how did you cope playing the waiting game?

Yeah, it was a long week! I just tried to keep close to my normal routine. The hard thing is relaxing and being able to switch on and off when you need to. To keep busy I did some Physiotherapy study online, read my book, studied Spanish and either went for a little sail in the evening if it was windy or to the gym. Ads and I watched quite a few spear fishing and surfing videos on YouTube as well!

Historically you’ve always had a solid record in Tenerife - what were your expectations before the event? Aiming for the top spot?

I didn’t expect anything to be honest. I didn’t allow myself to think too far ahead at all and tried to have the same mentality that I did in the double elimination in Pozo. Which was just to go windsurf and not worry about the rest.

2019s proving to be a great year for you having already won the Red Bull Storm Chase earlier this year… how does this victory compare to that and do you think winning the RBSC helped you get your first victory on the world tour?

Yeah, I think that’s what makes me happiest. Knowing that I also won the RBSC in crazy conditions against the best windsurfers in the World. That’s a huge event and I love that we got to compete in conditions like that but it’s also nice to win an event on the PWA World Tour in the same year. It gives me confidence that what I’m doing is OK.

How did you celebrate?

I’m on my way home now after 10 weeks in the Canaries. I’ll celebrate with my friends at home by going fishing, diving, surfing, windsurfing and enjoying all of those moments. Probably have a decent amount of ice cream too.

Looking at the bigger picture that victory puts your firmly in contention for the world title - how are you feeling about the second half of the season?

I haven’t thought too far ahead yet. I’ll go home and reset for a week or so before getting back in to it. I’m looking forward to the last 2 events. I’m not thinking or concerned about the World Title at all, I just want to keep trying my hardest to improve and have fun. Sylt is a fun challenge, it’s different, cold and changes constantly so you never know what you’ll get.

The Aloha Classic will be where the titles decided (with no discard)… you’ve spent a bit of time in Maui, but it still must be tough having to compete against local sailors when you are potentially gunning for the title? How do you feel about that and how do you rate your chances there?

Yeah, Maui will be fun! I can’t wait for that. I spend a lot of time there and the level is so high. It’s like every event really, it doesn’t matter how good you are you can still lose in the first round. I enjoy sailing with the locals there, learning from them and being pushed by them. I’ve been injured the last two times I’ve gone there to compete and missed out so I’m just looking forward to sailing Ho’okipa with a couple of people out. Again, I don’t really mind what happens as long as I try my best and enjoy the windsurfing.

Thanks Jaeger. Congrats again. Enjoy the break and see you in Sylt.

You can stay up to date with all of Jaeger Stone’s latest news and adventures via his Social Media Channels: 

Facebook: @jaegerstone120
Instagram: @jaeger_stone  

Watch Duotone product clip of the new Team Series.

Watch Duotone product clip of the new Team Series.