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Can you Wakeboard on a Kiteboard?

Posted: 8th Juli 2019 by Paula Pintão in Allgemein
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In this video Sam Light explains the differences between a kiteboard and a wakeboard. Take a look!

Pozo Training Diaries

Posted: 8th Juli 2019 by PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Allgemein
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The wind and waves have returned to Pozo ahead of the opening wave event of the season and the action has been going off with the world’s best pushing things to the next level. Luckily, Ben Proffitt (Simmer / Simmer Sails) has been on hand to capture some of the action and episode 3 of the Pozo Training Diaries is now online @

Episode 3… is OUT!!
NEW – Pozo Training Diaries

In this Episode…

– We take a look at the Men's Top 4… Strengths and weaknesses

– Also a look at the Women's top 5… Can anyone beat the queen of Pozo!

– RocketMan is Back… and there is a NEW Rocket man in town.

– The Freestyle World Champ wants to become a ROCK star.

– We Name a Random Ripper

– The K4 SPRAY of the day is Back.. YES I did just say that!

– The junior are out in force… and Shrunkabeck has just nailed his first Pushloops!

– Plus we introduce another NEW Feature ‘Why are you crying’

…and we Give you the Chance to WIN a Board from F2 (Plus Sup’s and a Sail)
You just have to become a member by support the channel with Beer Money… you are truly helping the channel survive… or at least stopping me from dehydrating!!

If you missed the earlier link to episode 3 here it is again @