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Liam Whaley spent 10 amazing days training in Greece. Watch and enjoy Episode 4 of World Of Whaley!

Have a look at the new Edge V9. Watch Ozone riders, Paulino Pereira, Christopher Fuchs and Didier Botta, playing with the new model.

Video: MLand Pictures

8th of June 2019 was the day! And Ross-Dillon Player was the big winner at the Spot, Zandvoort.

16 kiteboarders have been challenged to show their biggest megaloops on the 8th of June 2019 in the most extreme weather conditions with winds up to 40 knots.

Results Final:

1. Ross-Dillon Player – 7.90 – WINNER
2. Oswald Smith – 7.60
3. Lasse Walker – 7.47
4. Liam Whaley – 6.83

Watch the recap of the day:


Megaloop 2019