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The 2019 wildcard winners who will be competing in Cape Hatteras from June 1-7 2019 are Xander Raith and Helena Brochocka.


Style, style, style! Xander Raith has the technical riding and style to compete in the Wind Voyager Triple-S. Xander’s slider game precision and unique feature hits.


The technicality and variety set Helena Brochocka’s riding apart from the other Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest competitors. Her locked in presses and stylish kicker hits make her a welcome addition to the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.

The winners of the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Wildcard Video Contest were chosen based solely on kickers, sliders and park features. Riders were not judged on any video editing skills, lifestyle, cable riding, boosting, or traditional freestyle kiteboarding.

Congratulations to the winners Xander Raith and Helena Brochacka, who will be competing against the world’s wakestyle elite in the 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational June 1st-7th. Thank you to all the riders and viewers of the Wildcard Video Contest. There is still a chance to get in the main event via the Wind Voyager Triple-S Open. First place in the men’s open and first place in the woman’s open will move on to the main event.


Tom Court // Out Front of the House

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Watch Tom Court enjoying a fun home session on the Isle of Wight, before heading to Morocco.

Future Fly Boards

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After several years of heading up the Racing Research & Development Team for the RRD, world class racer Arnon Dagan (Future Fly / NeilPryde) parted ways last year and has started his own new exciting venture under the flag of Future Fly Boards. The Israeli has just over two decades of experience competing at the highest level, so is perfectly equipped to know how to produce the fastest and best boards possible. We recently caught up with Arnon, who is preparing to compete on the Asian leg of the tour in Japan and South Korea over the next couple of weeks, for an interview to find out more about Future Fly Boards. 

Hi Arnon, firstly can you tell us a little bit more about Future Fly? The philosophy and idea behind the company?

"FF is born out of a passionate desire to share the happiness and lifestyle the sport of windsurfing offers with the world.

One of our first targets is to help young and adult sailors alike to achieve their dreams by offering a set of benefits and plans which has not yet been tried in the windsurfing market before us. 

Our main mission: Make top quality boards that rival any competition. Whether it be for aspiring athletes or pro-competitors worldwide, we have it covered. We are dedicated to the development of the sport and that free feeling of flying on the water, which is why we will only stand for making the best, top quality and perfectly constructed boards to ever have hit the water."

You obviously have a wealth of experience when it comes to both racing at the highest level and heading up the R&D for several other brands - why did you decide now to setup your own brand?

"I decided to set up my own brand because I feel I’m able to use my lifetime knowledge and offer something better for the sport. Better construction, better colours and ultimately better quality. I believe people, who are paying so much money, should be receiving a perfect product. Apart from this windsurfing is free and I'm a free person at heart. I want to use FF to share the amazing happiness I get from this sport and to support new young competitors and sailors, in general, to get into the sport." 

Will you just be producing Slalom/Foil boards or will you also be developing a line for Freeride, Wave, Freestyle?

"The final target is to do it all but only if it is the best. At the moment I’m sure we can produce the best racing products so we start from there. Then over time, we will slowly extend our line every year focusing on perfecting each and every board." 

Where and when will Future Fly boards be available for the public to buy?

We started with a program called the 100flayers using our pre-order web site and all our boards were sold out with in 3 weeks. We will keep selling online and also work with key distributors worldwide. We have bases in Japan, Korea, Israel, Holland and Germany already and we are growing every day. Our new website will be coming out soon. 

Thanks, Arnon. All the best with your new venture and good luck in Japan and South Korea.

You can find out more about Future Fly via their website @ and also via their Social Media Channels:

Facebook: @futureflyboards
Instagram: @futureflyboards

PWA Slalom Qualification

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Are you an aspiring slalom sailor, but not sure you are quite ready to battle it out with the absolute best in the world yet? That’s where the PWA Slalom Qualifying Series comes in as we aim to merge the gap between National to International contests and make the transition as seamless as possible. Up and coming slalom sailors will have to earn their stripes on the Qualifying Series in order to qualify for a place on the World Tour the following year. Zoo Station Bol, Croatia, will be the first destination to host a PWA Slalom Qualifier between 8th-13th July and we recently caught up with the owner Tony Bulić to find a bit more about Bol.
Hi Toni, can you tell us a bit more about why you wanted to become the first host of a PWA Slalom Qualifier?
“Back in 2004, Zoo Station hosted a PWA Freestyle Qualifier. Ever since then, it has always been our wish to get back on the PWA Tour and welcome the best of the best. In the last 10 years, Zoo Station organised several high level international events visited by many top level riders, including [Pierre] Mortefon, [Finian] Maynard, local boys [Enrico] Marotti and Croatian Olympic windsurfer [Luka] Mratović, [Maciek] Rutkowski, [Bruno] Martini, [Damien] Arnoux… PWA is the natural step forward to a higher level of racing.”
When will the Qualifier be held? And who can enter?
“The event is scheduled for 8th-13th July. There will be 5 categories (for both men’s & women’s) - overall, U20, U17, U15, U13. Everyone can enter, however, bear in mind that the number of competitors per each category is limited to 64.”
Can you tell us a little bit more about Bol and the usual conditions to expect at that time of year?
“Bol is a small beautiful seaside town on the island Brač in Dalmatia, the central part of the Croatian coast. It is most known, besides being one of the few places in Croatia with constant thermal winds, by the beautiful beach the Golden Horn, shaped like an arrow whose top changes directions in line with the direction of the wind.
During the entire summer, when the weather is sunny and stable, Bol is blessed by a thermal wind called Maestral, blowing every day around 15 to 20 knots side-shore between approximately 1PM and 6PM."

Anything else you’d like to add?
"Maybe just that we are really looking forward to hosting this event and welcome all the amazing riders out there. Bol is an amazing place to windsurf and, if you haven't been here yet, we are sure you will love it. 
If you have any questions or need any help or advice with travel or accommodation, please feel free to contact us -"

Thanks, Toni. All the best with the event!
Chairman of the PWA Jimmy Diaz (Starboard / Duotone): “We are very happy to announce the PWA Qualifying event in Croatia as a first step in creating a proper qualifying series into our racing system.  Following our strategy in creating a qualifying system for all our disciplines, we are eager to move away from a wild card system into a proper qualifying series where the top sailors will receive guaranteed entry into PWA events the following year.  We also feel strongly that our sport needs a much wider base and together with the PWA youth events, we hope to do our part in helping the younger generations with proper stepping stones into the top levels of professional competition.

We welcome Croatia into this first important step and look forward to a great event off the coast of this beautiful country.”

If you are interested in hosting a PWA Slalom Qualifier you can contact the PWA:

Details of how to enter the first PWA Slalom Qualifier will be released soon.

Umbrella Foil

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Umbrella Foil?! Are you curious? Check out Dmitry Evseev’s short clip!