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Watch some of the action on day two of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cabo Verde 2019.

Filmed by Mintautas Grigas

On Day Two Moona Whyte and Mitu Monteiro won the Single Eliminations at Ponta Preta. Check the report below!


Words: Matt Pearce / Photos: Ydwer van der Heide

Yesterday we saw another non-stop day of heats as both the men and women wrapped up the single eliminations during nine hours of competition.

The run of insane conditions continued with Ponta Preta delivering absolutely pumping waves reaching double overhead and above.

The main stories of the day? Well Mitu Monteiro scored a perfect 10, Moona Whyte made an epic return to competition and James ‘Storm Boy’ Carew underlined how much of a true force of nature he really he is by making it to the final against Mitu. That’s just some of what went down. Here’s a few highlights.

James has been a man on fire here at the GKA Cabo Verde. The Australian managed to unseat Airton Cozzolino in the quarter finals (on Airton’s home break no less) in a nail biting quarter final heat. Airton was leading for much of it with solid aerials off the lip and super-powered hacks but James kept answering back with his muscular, surf-influenced style.

In the last minute, James caught a huge bomb on which he was able to rack up turn after vertical turn and he took the lead with seconds left on the clock. James would go on to face Mitu in the final and, had he not been up against the most experienced Ponta Preta local in existence, he could well have topped the single elimination podium.

Mitu didn’t have the event he might have hoped for last year in Cape Verde but right now he’s looking pretty much untouchable. He opened his account on day two with the highest score of the event up to that point – 9.87 – in his opening heat but in the final he went one better notching up a perfect 10 for one wave that combined faultless top turns with a barrel (his second of the heat) to take the win against James.

Moona missed the latter part of last year’s tour due to a back injury but she’s back with a bang here in Cabo Verde. Her ability to seek out the critical sections on the bigger faces was unsurpassable and she was the only rider in her division managing to get covered-up and ride away from it.

She’s so relaxed out on the water too and never seems to get flustered by what her opponent’s doing. She finished day two at the top of the women’s division and, at this 100% wave-focused event, she’s going to be very hard to beat her when the double eliminations continue.

Yesterday Francesco Cappuzzo put in his best performance since joining the tour. He took one of the biggest waves of the day in his heat against Carew and was stacking up solid rides on both his front and backhand. He wasn’t going for aerials and he didn’t get barrelled, but his backside hacks were something else and his capacity for getting good and vertical off the lip in challenging offshore conditions was seriously impressive.

Matchu was ultra-consistent. He has this wave so well dialled, expertly reading the different sections and methodically seeking out barrels on his backhand. He nearly stuck the best floater of the event so far, and he’s looking very strong ahead of the double eliminations.


1: Mitu Monteiro – CV
2: James Carew – AUS
3: Matchu Lopes – CV / ESP
4: Francesco Cappuzzo – ITA

1: Moona Whyte – USA
2: Johanna Catharina Edin – SE
3: Charlotte Carpentier – FRA
4: Frances Kelly – CA

After the single elimination finals it was on to the doubles and the men made it through the first round before the conditions began to deteriorate and the heats were halted.

The riders are back into the doubles today with everything to play for.


Scarborough | Witsand | 2019

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Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic / Duotone) finished 2018 ranked joint 32nd on the PWA Wave World Tour after a 33rd place in Pozo and a solid joint 17th in Tenerife. The young Frenchman has bags of potential with his exemplary making him a real threat and in his latest video it looks as though double forwards are becoming more and more consistent, which would make him an even bigger threat for the coming season and a potential dark horse.

Arthur Arutkin: “Another perfect trip in South Africa, wind, waves, sun ... Thanks Samuel Tomé and Vaimiti for filming!”

Photo Credit: Samuel Tomé

You can watch Arthur Arutkin’s latest action packed edit here

Watch a short highlight video of the first day of competition at Ponta Preta!

Filmed by Mintautas Grigas

2019 PWA Freestyle World Tour

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For 2019 the Men’s PWA Freestyle World Tour will be reduced to just the top 32 sailors from the prior 48-man fleet, which will allow the contest to be switched to two-man heats earlier, or if the forecast is suitable then the whole competition may be run man-on-man, which will lead to a much more immersive viewing experience - particularly when paired with the live scoring. 

The FQS (Freestyle Qualifying Series)

In 2018 the Freestyle Qualifying Series (FQS) was established in association between the PWA and the EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) to unite the freestyle windsurfing circuit and to create a more comprehensive and professional format.

Who Qualifies?

The top 20 sailors from the 2018 PWA Freestyle World Tour are guaranteed a place at all 3 Freestyle events this season - Bonaire, Fuerteventura & Sylt. The remaining spots will be allocated through the EFPT Qualification (places 21-26), PWA wildcards which will be valid for the whole season and then organiser wildcards for each respective event. 

The six qualified sailors from the EFPT, who will compete on the entire 2019 PWA Freestyle World Tour tour are as follows: 

Name: Loick Spicher (RRD / RRD Sails)

Nationality: Swiss

Best EFPT Result 2018: 2nd place EFPT Sardinia

Name: Julian Wiemar (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins)

Nationality: German

Best EFPT Result 2018: 5th place EFPT Sardinia / 5th place DAM-X

Name: Adam Sims (Patrik / Sailloft Hamburg)

Nationality: UK

Best EFPT Result 2018: 9th place EFPT Sardinia / 9th place DAM-X / 9th place EFPT Lanzarote / 9th place Surf Worldcup Austria / EFPT tow-in Champion 2018

Name: Julien Mas (JP / Gun Sails)

Nationality: France

Best EFPT Result 2018: 9th place DAM-X

Name: Eliran Levi (Tabou / GA Sails / Maui Ultra Fins)

Nationality: Israel

Best EFPT Result 2018: 9th place EFPT Fuerteventura

Name: Dudu Levi (Fanatic / Gun Sails)

Nationality: Israel

Best EFPT Result 2018: 9th place EFPT Sardinia

Make sure you stay tuned to when the contortionists of the windsurfing world raise the curtains on the 2019 PWA World Tour in beautiful Bonaire (April 9th - 13th) to see how the first event of the season unfolds!

Check here the report from the first day of competition in Cape Verde.


Words: Matt Pearce / Photos: Ydwer van der Heide

52 competitors, 39 men and 13 women, registered for the GKA Kite-Surf Cabo Verde yesterday in front of the legendary wave at Ponta Preta. They couldn’t have asked for a better opening day to the season.

Ponta Preta had been firing almost non-stop throughout February and the run of epic conditions has carried over into this week with clean sets building up to double overhead and beyond.

Presented with sizeable sets at yesterday morning’s registration, the riders were amped and day one would see them progress deep into round three in the men’s single eliminations.

Head to the event’s live page here for all updates and heat ladders!

From the hometown heroes like Mitu, Airton and Matchu to local up-and-comers like Titik Lopes and Riccado Bettencourt, their ability to launch vertical assaults on the lip and navigate the changing faces of Ponta Preta set them apart. The fact that they could do that in largely offshore winds is even crazier, but that’s what happens when you grow up with a wave like this literally in your backyard.

Here’s who set the Kite-Surf World Cup Cabo Verde alight on day one!

Defending tour champion Airton put his marker down early with a stunning display in his opening heat. He managed three cover-ups, including one of the best barrels of the day on his first wave, and he was one of the few riders injecting aerial flair into his riding with airs off the lip and a 180 ollie on the wave face on the way out of the barrel. He took one of the highest scores of the day for that one with a 9.27!

Mitu spearheaded kitesurfing at Ponta Preta back in the early 2000s and watching him ride here is a masterclass in wave riding. On day one he combined seamless flow and precision with fluid power and in his second heat he was tearing up huge faces top-to-bottom like it was nothing. The fact that he was doing so on an eight metre when the wind dropped to just 12 knots at one point is testament to why they call him ‘the maestro’. He took the second highest score of 9.5 for his final wave of the day and he’s looking good for the crucial rounds coming up in this competition.

Paulino’s not a local, but he might as well be according to his friend Matchu. He regularly flies in to Sal on a good forecast and has a wealth of experience that saw him rack up a perfect 10 here last year. He followed up on that yesterday with the highest single wave score of the day – a 9.7! If he can match his hard-charging flair with the consistency required to do well in a final then he’s going to be a serious threat as the comp progresses.

Matchu was arguably the best backhand rider out there on day one and to manage backside hacks with so much verticality in almost dead offshore wind is, frankly, mind-bending. Combine that with expertly stalled cover-ups and an intrinsic understanding of the wave and he’s looking like a real contender here in Cabo Verde

Another local rider making an impact was Titik Lopes. He’d made it his mission to give the visiting riders something to think about with powerful, committed turns right in the pocket on some of the day’s biggest sets.

He looked like he might go all the way, but was eventually halted by Reece Myerscough who has massively upped his wave riding over the winter. It went right down to the wire though, and had Reece not caught his best wave of the heat in the dying seconds then Titik would have taken the win!

By 18:30, as sunset neared, the wind was starting to falter and so the decision was made to halt proceedings with just three heats left to run in round three. After seven hours of non-stop competition, the crowd had had their money’s worth!

Today the action resumes as the remaining riders in men’s round three battle for a place in the single elimination semis. From there, the women will take the stage for round one and, with stellar conditions on the forecast, it should be special!


Sum of 5 (TEASER)

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Duotone new movie will be released this week: “Sum of 5” starring female athletes Colleen Carroll, Mika Sol, Francesca Bagnoli, Hannah Whiteley and Paula Novotna. Watch the teaser and stay tuned!

Video: Vincent Bergeron

Ozone: Click-in and go

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Ruben Lenten presents Ozone latest innovation, the Click-In Loop. Check it here!

Cape Town 2019

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Ricardo Campello (Brunotti Boards) returned to Cape Town, South Africa, again this winter, but didn’t score the Cape at it’s consistent best, however, he still managed to grab plenty of footage from the few good sessions he had and the action is as radical as ever.

Ricardo Campello: “Cape town’s conditions weren’t the best for me this year. I stayed about 3 weeks and probably had 3 or 4 good sessions. Here are some of my best moments in the water.” 

You can see Ricardo Campello’s latest edit @

Young Gun

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Adam Warchol (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing) is one of the rising young stars on the PWA Youth Wave World Tour. The 17-year-old finished 5th overall in the U20 division after an excellent 2nd place in Pozo and 4th in Tenerife.

The young Pole is charging hard and his latest video shows why he is such an exciting prospect as he attacks some solid waves somewhere in Tarifa with a no fear attitude.

You can see Adam Warchol’s latest video here.