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Trick Minute Hasselhoff

Posted: 17th November 2011 by Kitemovement in Allgemein
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Tobias Hölter shows how to do a Hasselhoff in Kiteboarding.

RRD X-Fire 2012: Introducing by Finian Maynard

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Finian Maynard stellt seine neue Rennmaschine für das Jahr 2012 vor. Der X-Fire V4 wurde komplett überarbeitet und soll nun noch mehr Kontrolle, Stabilität und Topspeed bieten. Finian erklärt im Video das Board im Detail Here's the ...

The 2011 Diani Kitesurfing Competition or Kenya Cup (held December 28-29, 2011) is the final stop for all competitive riders in Kenya. Run alongside the Che Shale Kite Masters Event which is hosted in August, is allows those that have been riding a chance to hold down the Kenya Cup Title and also provides the necessary experience and confidence for anyone with some talent and motivation to make the step up into the International Kite Surfing Competition scene.

The reigning champ, Xan Woods, being a prime example of this, having won in previous years he then entered into the British BKSA Amateur division and won, Xan is now competing on a Pro level abroad and we hope this will encourage others here in Kenya!

The Competition is open to anybody and we always like to encourage riders from other countries to enter as it is often another true source of inspiration for the locals here to see and hear about what is taking place elsewhere within the Kiting Industry.

December is Kenya’s Summer month and conditions here at this time of the year are sublime, generally expect a steady 20-25 knots of cross-on North Easterlies which is the Kaskazi Equatorial Trade which holds up until the end of March.

The venue, Forty Thieves Beach Bar & Restaurant, is perfectly positioned on the South Coast. Having being once ranked as the 17th most desired beach bar to hang out and chill at in the world, spectators are able to relax and soak up the kite vibe and general beach ambience comfortably, meet all the competitors, talk to the organisers and feel like they are a part of the days event.

The event is a charitable one where all proceeds from the riders entry, all money for the raffle prizes and entry into the Hawaiian Party on the 29th are donated towards the Colobus Monkey Conservation Trust. The Trust was set up to help protect and re-introduce the Colobus back into their natural environment which is specific to the South Coast of East Africa.

Globalshots: Ric Cleworth playing in the shadows

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Globalshots hat einige der Top Freestyler in ihrem Team. Mit Steven van Broeckhoven ist der Weltmeister an Bord und da Globalshots ursprünglich aus UK kommt, haben sie die besten Freestyler des Landes in ihren Reihen. Ollie Scott, Max Ro ...

The End of a Winter Dream

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Schon krass die Amis...

only 27 days in paradise

October 5th, 2011
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This year’s trip to Maui started well. I upgraded to Businessclass for the long Swiss Air Flight. For the first time I could visit the Airport Lounge. Food and all the Drinks you like! As a Barman I mixed some fancy drinks for myself.
Business Class: What a difference to the “wood” class in the back of the plane. I enjoyed every minute of the flight, specially all the legroom I got. In Lounge position I did not touch the front. And for the first time in the air I could really sleep. The chair folds down to a 2meter bed.
Our flight arrived one hour earlier then expected at Los Angeles and arriving at custom there were no lines. I showed my passeport and answered the questions. What u do? How long u stay? … Then my movie stopped.
I got arrested and spend nearly 6 hrs in a special room. After one hrs a custon officer told me that 3 years ago I stayed one day too long in the United States and for this reason the custom bureau is cancelling my visa and I have to go back to Switzerland.
No problem 2 years ago, no problem last winter. 3 years ago!
Then they told me to sit down again and wait. While waiting I watched all the other persons coming in to this room and leaving again. I stayed. Another hour passed and the custom officer asked me more questions. “Where do you stayed in 2009-2010-2011?”, “What is your salary in Switzerland?”, “Why can you leave your job for 6month?”, “Where do you live in Switzerland?” and many more like this…
Two officers asked me to follow them to another room where my fingerprints and pictures were taken. I have seen it many times in movies. This time it was “live”.
After 5 hrs the officer came back and gave me 2 solutions:
No. one: sign a paper and agree that I stayed one day too long 3 years ago and I can ask the Embassy in Switzerland to give me a new visa.
No. two: not sign and go straight back! And not coming back for 5 years!
I signed and waited another hrs not knowing whats gonna happen next. Then the officer came again and told me that I can visit the United States for 30 days...
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Der Winter kommt immer näher und es wird kälter draußen.

In den letzten beiden Wochen freuten sich Katharina, Michael, Eveline, Gian Marco, Christian, Thomas, Gerlinde, Andreas, Simone, Olaf, Yasar, Oliver, Simon, Iris, Christian, Heike, Enrico, Stephanie, Harald, Daniela, Joerg, Alexander, Bjoern, Kirsten, Dominik, Alexandra, Catja, Johannes und unsere polnischen Freunde, über die angenehmen Temperaturen und den klasse Wind in der Seahorse Bay. seahorse-bay-1000px-2-of-46

Bei durchschnittlich 18-25 Knoten kamen alle auf ihre Kosten. Das Lernen von neuen Regeln stand auf dem Programm und auch neuen Manövern wurden in die Schulung mit aufgenommen. Bei diesen klasse Bedingungen, konnten alle einen großen Lernerfolg für sich verbuchen. Ein paar kaputte Kites und Schrammen an Armen und Beinen gab es auch. Ein bisschen Schwund ist eben immer. Trotz Muskelkarten freuten sich aber alle auf den nächsten Kitetag.

Zwei der Gäste haben einen schönen Tagesausflug nach Luxor gemacht um mal einen Tag ohne Kiten zu verbringen. Stefan und seine Familie hatten ein tolles Erlebnis, denn sie waren mit Delfinen schwimmen. seahorse-bay-1000px-28-of-46

Bei den Abendausflügen wurde kräftig gefeiert und die Stimmung war ausgelassen und gut. Der Lagerfeuerabend war ein absoluter Hit, da die Temperaturen abends schon sehr frisch sind, trafen sich alle am Kiteclub um hier die Wärme des Feuers zu genießen.

Das Team vom Kiteclub Seahorse Bay hatte mit Euch allen eine tolle Zeit und freut sich schon auf ein Wiedersehen!

F2 for Rick Jendrusch

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Winterzeit ist Wechselzeit. Schön langsam geht es los und einer der ersten größeren Wechsel kommt aus Holland. Freestyle Young Gun Rick Jendrusch verlässt Starboard und gibt ab sofort für F2 auf dem Weltmeisterboard "Rodeo" Vollgas. ...


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One of the American Windsurfing Tour’s favorite musicians, Mishka, is playing this weekend in Paia. Be sure to check him out at Charly’s this Saturday.

movember moves

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Nice video shot around Vancouver, Canada, with snow-capped mountains in the background.